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  1. Pricing is Per Area. (for multiple/bigger areas or wanting to "add-on" other areas, please contact us for quote):

Area Breakdown (this is counted as ONE Area):

  • Face & Neck         

  •  Abdomen 

  • Waist (Love Handles)

  • Front of Thighs

  • Arms (both)

  • Back of thighs (hamstrings)

  • Upper Back & Bra Roll Area

  • Calves

  • Inner Thighs

  • Outer Thighs

  • Lower Back (flanks)

  • Buttocks

  • Hips (Saddle Bags)

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It's very important to understand that with any technology or weight loss program to understand how our body works and what to avoid when doing these treatments for the best results. This is NOT a miracle procedure, Not a One and Done ordeal. Great results are easier obtained when following a sensible diet, exercising and treating these treatments no different than other methods of removing toxins from you body or a deep tissue massage. 

Here is a few tips to help the process along and to see even better results. Of course, Consult with your physician prior to treatments or any diet changes. 

- Drink at least (MINIMUM) 64 ounces of water everyday, the day of the treatment drink as much water as you can (up to a gallon) to help remove the toxins faster (adding lemon with your water also aids with weight loss and increased energy).

- Eat a sensible diet, avoid unnecessary simple carbs/fatty foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

- Over the counter Herb Milk Thistle can maximize the detoxifying and cleansing of the liver.

- Avoid alcohol the day of and the day after treatments.

- Avoid Caffeine

- Avoid exposure to the sun after Radio Frequency for a minimum of 48 Hours

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Laser Lipo is a safe, effective, non-surgical and non-invasive revolutionary treatment for the removal of excess stubborn fatty tissue in areas that are normally resistant to dieting and physical exercise. The Laser Lipo sculpting procedure uses a safe lipo laser that heats the fat cells in the targeted area causing them to break down. Over a short period of time the fat deposits are simply absorbed and expelled through our body's natural metabolic process. The introduction of heat into the treated area stimulates collagen production to give a smooth, tightened and sculpted result.

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  1. How Many Sessions Is Recommended? A minimum course of 4-6+ treatments is recommended for optimal results

  2. Is Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation/Skin Tightening or Laser Lipo a safe procedure? – Yes, they are safe, effective, comfortable, and non-invasive procedures with virtually no side effects. It does not require anesthesia, leaves no scars and does not require any post-care treatment. The ultrasound/radio frequency/laser energy is designed to target fatty tissues beneath the skin only, and does not affect the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues.

  3. Is these procedures painful? – No, the treatment is painless. A slight tingling sensation or very slight buzzing in the ear may sometimes be felt during the treatment but this is not uncomfortable. Some heat sensation may also be felt during treatment but no pain. Any slight reddening of the skin, which may sometimes develop during or soon after treatment quickly, disappears.

  4. Is There downtime/recovery? - No! You can go about your day after your session! It is actually encouraged to do some cardio or exercising to help expel the toxins from the body. Flush out the toxins through sweat!

  5. How To Prepare for my appointment? - It's extremely important to hydrate yourself before and after your procedure to help flush out the toxins. minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, 1 gallon would be ideal! No Alcohol before or after your appointment. Please do not put on any creams/lotions to the area to be treated the day of your appointment. 

  6. What do I wear to my appointment? - You can wear something light and comfortable, something easy to remove or change out of and change back into. You can also feel free to bring a change of clothes if you decide to do the infrared sauna session. 

  7. Is this permanent? Ultrasonic Lipo Melts up to 30% of your fat cells each time you have a Treatment.  Answer: Yes it is permanent! Because it is for stubborn fat that will not release! It is specifically for men/women that cannot get rid of stubborn fat pockets no matter what. With our age and hormones and the way that our bodies are made we exercise (but we cannot spot reduce/spot train) and do all that we can and for some reason these stubborn fat pockets just will not release. So this ultrasound machine and ultrasonic waves are able to break open those fat cells and liquefy the fat.

  8. Why no Caffeine the day of treatment?  The caffeine blocks your Lymphatic system and dehydrates you. It also restricts your blood vessels and cannot let the melted fat metabolize through the Liver very well.  

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Disqualification List:

Disqualification List:

(if you have any of the the below, you are not a candidate for these body treatments)

  • Pregnant or currently breastfeeding

  • Epilectic 

  • Clients with Malignancy or on Chemotherapy

  • Clients who recently had surgery

  • Those with heart diseases or with a heart pacemaker

  • Clients that have Kidney Disease (or gall-stones).

  • If you have an embedded metal object (IUD, Stent, or silica gel, etc)

  • If you are menstruating (this would be counter-intuitive as you will be bloadted during your menses)

  • Sensitive to heat

  • Genetic Hypersensitivity

Other Precautions:

  • Always consult with your Physician prior to an treatment or diet changes.

  • These are elective procedures and each individual result may vary. No refunds due to the type of service rendered. By continuing to book an appointment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this business. 

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